[Batman] Batman takes his black.

Fic: the second side of surfer rosa [DCU]

First off, new layout! I really like this one, so it'll probably be staying for a while.

Things I learned this weekend:

  • If you want a free school-themed vuvuzela and they only have a limited number, it's probably best to show up earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start of the game, no matter how typically unpopular the sport.
  • Occasionally, your fridge will demand sacrifices and choose something at random to consume. This something may or may not wind up being the cranberry Sierra Mist you bought just earlier that night and were so looking forward to drinking.
  • Playing as the Batfamily on the Oregon Trail will not guarantee that you successfully make it to Oregon. Quite the opposite, in fact.
  • You should not talk to old_blueeyes if you are not looking to be shamelessly enabled into writing hideous things.

Okay, so I knew that last one already. Whatever. Let's see if the message actually sinks in this time. Until then, have fic for which she is getting ALL THE BLAME FOREVER.

Title: the second side of surfer rosa
Fandom: DC Comics/DCU (what up, new fandom!)
Pairing/Rating: Bruce/Clark, NC-17
Word Count: ~2,230
Date Completed: 10 November 2010
Warnings: Potential dubcon (sex-pollen within an established relationship)
Author's Notes: Ahaha, first time posting for this fandom, and it's shameless porn. Shameless sex-pollen porn, at that. What a great first impression you're making there, self. Title from OK Go's "Here It Goes Again." Inspired by this gorgeous picture by suavebastard, then enabled and awesomely betaed by old_blueeyes. She is terrible, you guys, I can't even. Beyond that, um. I really like writing Bruce Wayne? Get used to seeing him (and Dick and Tim and Babs and Steph and Jason and EVERYONE OKAY I LOVE THEM ALL) around.

Summary: This time, though, something about Bruce seems off.

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[Batman] Batman takes his black.

I shouldn't, but whatever.

anon meme.

Also, as a general inquiry to all those who have done NaNo: I am considering attempting it this year, but I'm not sure about the time commitment. I know this varies for everyone depending on your writing speed and focusing ability, but how much more stressful, on a scale of one to ten (with one being "no more stressful than another small paper for school" and ten being "holy god I wanted to kill myself a thousand times over, NEVER AGAIN"), did doing NaNo make your November? Any tips on how much time/wordcount per day I should block out for myself to hopefully overcome my first-timer issues and actually finish something for it?


[Inception; Tom Hardy] thinking

Fic: this is a love song in my own way [Inception]

Yes, I am seriously posting Inception Does Bandom fic for my official one-hundredth post. No, I can't believe it either. Also, I feel this may actually be a genuinely terrible fic. I just. What.

Title: this is a love song in my own way
Fandom: Inception
Pairing/Rating: Arthur/Eames, PG-13
Word Count: ~6,400
Date Completed: 20 September 2010
Disclaimer: These people? Aren't mine.
Author's Notes: FLIST THIS IS ALL ON YOU. YOU AND YOUR STUPID MULTITUDES OF MCR ~NOSTALGIA POSTS. LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO. (Also yes, the title is from a Fall Out Boy song. DON'T YOU JUDGE ME.) Oh, and as always, thanks to old_blueeyes for the beta and sound-board.

Summary: Cobb, in the height of what Arthur mentally termed his Poetic Bullshit Phase, called their first album PASIV / agresiv, and no one cared enough to challenge him on it. [Or, the one where they're a really shitty pop-punk band and Arthur is a bit of a douche, as people in really shitty pop-punk bands tend to be.] Someday, I will write a summary for a fic in this fandom that does not rip off Friends. Promise.

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[Inception; Arthur/Eames] looks

Fic: this room and this radio play [Inception]

This has been a crap week. More about that later, but for now, fic! that I am actually not too fond of, but whatever, we'll see how you like it

Title: this room and this radio play
Fandom: Inception
Pairing/Rating: Arthur/Eames, NC-17
Word Count: 8,440
Date Completed: 17 September 2010
Disclaimer: These people? Aren't mine.
Author's Notes: Title [adapted] from Elbow's "Switching Off." For old_blueeyes and _pinkchocolate, who were, like, Olympic-champion handholders/sounding boards/betas this week. I can't even tell you, you guys, they're just. Amazing. I can very honestly say this fic would have been scrapped on my second day of working on it if not for them, I was that close to giving up. But it's here, done, and being posted, even if only out of stubbornness, and I cannot thank these two women enough for helping me get there. Eppy and Annie, you're the best. ♥ ♥ ♥

A few things about actual content:
  • This was originally inspired by this pic old_blueeyes sent me when I asked for a prompt. The scene that grew directly from it should be readily obvious. Don't ask me how the rest of this came about.
  • This fic operates on the assumption that without the assistance of the PASIV, self-generated dreams are uncontrollable, even for someone who is trained in dreamspace manipulation and is aware of being in a dream at the time. I can't remember if canon ever fully specified on this; if it did and I've got it horribly wrong, or if this contradicts your understanding of the role of the PASIV in dreaming and the nature of self-generated dreamspace too greatly, please consider this fic a slight AU in that respect. My apologies.

Summary: After you’ve built the impossible, anything real seems easy enough. [Or, the one where Arthur has far too much to learn, and far too meddling and unsubtle a subconscious for any one person to bear.]

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there're stars in my eyes and there's sun in my hair

So unplanned hiatus was unplanned. RL just went crazy with school starting up and classes being so much more reading than I expected, plus health issues for both me and my grandfather, and I've basically been avoiding LJ outside of browsing some fic comms for quick reads when I've the time for breaks between class readings. Sorry for dropping out on you, there; it wasn't my intention at all. Hopefully, things'll get better from here on out, though? Fingers crossed, and all that rot.

I've settled into my new apartment for the year, which I'm sharing with two girls I don't know and one I've known since high school. She is an avid comics fan of the Marvel variety, and she has already started converting me. Which means that, between her and old_blueeyes and the one fic project I've been using to keep my sanity going through the clusterfuck that has been RL lately, I can solidly say I now have a new fandom. Whoops.

Not really much else I can think to add here, so have ~980 words of expanded chatfic I wrote for old_blueeyes last night. I should probably be holding this back until after I've finished and posted the main fic. Whatever, I am too excited about it. I am going to share. This is an established-relationship coda to Sanity-Keeping Fic Project (if you've been following it--which I highly doubt, but whatever--please to keep my name off of it for now, thanks; I'll be owning up to that nonsense later, but I'd prefer to stay anon for the time being), but I think it works without knowing anything about that. Silly crack pairings tend to be awesome that way.

when it comes down to this, I'm neither sorry nor cross nor unfit
Robert Fischer/Nolanverse!Batman (AHAHA WHAT EVEN IS THIS), PG-13
[Title from She & Him's "Brand New Shoes," for no other reason than that I'm listening to it right now.]

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Anyone interested in looking over some (non-angsty, for once in my life) Arthur/Eames fic for me? Basic SPAG, story flow and characterization, and potentially a Britpick for Eames POV (although that last part is more a bonus than something I really need for writing in this fandom). It's currently at about 2500 words, likely to be somewhere in the 5-7k range when finished (jfc, fic). I'm really hoping to get this done today, and I think this might be the way to motivate myself to do so.

Any takers?
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Fic: too much like the world we're stuck in [Inception]


Title: too much like the world we're stuck in
Fandom: Inception
Pairing/Rating: Arthur/Eames, soft R
Word Count: 4,375 (jfc. Fic, you were not supposed to be this long.)
Date Completed: 27 July 2010
Disclaimer: These people? Aren't mine.
Author's Notes: Title taken from Lawrence Raab's "Isn't It About Time." Written for staraflur, who held my hand this afternoon while I quibbled over characterization, and for _pinkchocolate, who jokingly mentioned wanting a story like this at the same time as I had half-started notes for one, which made me think writing this might actually be Not Too Terrible a Thing. Hope this meets your expectations, love! Also, this is my first time writing serious, in-depth fic for these characters; concrit is definitely welcomed and appreciated, but do try to be a little gentle, yeah?

Summary: The first thing Eames does when he wakes up on the shore of Limbo is squint a bit at the crumbling city skyline. [Or, the one where Arthur and Eames go to Limbo and Grow as People.]

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"vuvuzela" is too a word, google chrome

Internet, I got new clothes this week! Only two new tops, but still, they excite me, so I will show you!

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In other news, I got my hands on another copy of Photoshop (Ryan, you are the besttttt ♥), and I have spent the week putting it and Leopold's tablet function to good use. AND IT IS EXCELLENT OMG I AM NEVER GOING BACK TO NO-TABLET PHOTOSHOPPING EVERRRR. Anyways. I made things! Things that most of you have probably seen already because I am pimping them out, like, everywhere Pornathon-related, but whatever! I feel like sharing, so here you are.



And next, my first ever full fanmix, made for summerpornathon's second bonus challenge! I really enjoyed making it, actually. For one thing, it helped me understand why people make mixes in the first place -- I put more conscious character analysis into this than I have in a long while, and it was pretty mentally exhausting, Idk. I like what I came up with, though, and I hope you all do, too! I'm going to do the whole shebang with lyric selections and whatnot, so it's going behind a cut. And feedback is, as always, appreciated; there's no way I'll get better at this if I don't know what I'm doing right or wrong, after all. :D

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And wow, this is a ridiculously long post so I am cutting myself off here.

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Madame, don't louse up this document with your hormones -- it's *literature*!

(Before I get started, thank you for the football, anonymouse! I'm 99% sure I know who you are, but whether I'm correct or not, you're an absolute doll for sending it. ♥)

So I started this back in December as a late Christmas present/winter break project for myself, lost motivation a third of the way through, and am just now finishing it. I don't know how many other people will be interested in it, but I figured I'd share anyway. I have this to say: I am never, ever, ever making another moodtheme again. Also, I hope this meets your expectations, i_claudia, old_blueeyes, and staraflur.

MediaFire | here
SendSpace | here

★ Art belongs to Kate Beaton (beatonna | Hark! A Vagrant)
★ Theme includes the standard 132 moods, all sized 100x50.
★ Full preview here.
★ Instructions for installation here, courtesy of crackified.
★ Please credit anowlinsunshine if using.
★ Comments are not necessary, but are tremendously appreciated. ♥
★ Enjoy!