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Stolen off the door going into the drawing studio, where I spent my night studying. Things like this make me actually approve of my school sometimes.

Substitute "art" for "finals prep" and you basically have my life for the rest of the week. So yes--not that it really matters because I'm not too active here anyway--but I'll be going on mini-hiatus until next weekend at the earliest. If you see me around anywhere, please give me a swift kick back in the direction of my study materials. I'll love you for it, really. ♥
Tags: college life, lol when am i not on hiatus?, unlocked post
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That's epic.
Isn't it just? It's things like this that make me think Batman should quit crime-fighting and become a motivational speaker, ngl. He'd be the best at it. Also the most terrifying.
That is one hell of a motivational poster. :D See you next week, I'll be sure to kick your ass back to it if I see you around.
Isn't it just? Batman should consider taking on a legit day job.
lol like i could ever do that i'm a terrible enabler we all know this.

Deleted comment

Thanks! I made it through alright, which is good. But ugh, it was such hell, I can't even. It's over, though, thank heavens.