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Madame, don't louse up this document with your hormones -- it's *literature*!

(Before I get started, thank you for the football, anonymouse! I'm 99% sure I know who you are, but whether I'm correct or not, you're an absolute doll for sending it. ♥)

So I started this back in December as a late Christmas present/winter break project for myself, lost motivation a third of the way through, and am just now finishing it. I don't know how many other people will be interested in it, but I figured I'd share anyway. I have this to say: I am never, ever, ever making another moodtheme again. Also, I hope this meets your expectations, i_claudia, eppic, and staraflur.

MediaFire | here
SendSpace | here

★ Art belongs to Kate Beaton (beatonna | Hark! A Vagrant)
★ Theme includes the standard 132 moods, all sized 100x50.
★ Full preview here.
★ Instructions for installation here, courtesy of crackified.
★ Please credit anowlinsunshine if using.
★ Comments are not necessary, but are tremendously appreciated. ♥
★ Enjoy!
Tags: hark! a vagrant, never ever again, photoshop fail: moodtheme, unlocked post
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