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Fanfiction Masterlist (or, yes, I really am that full of myself)

So I think I finally have enough little snippets and fics written to justify a fanfiction sticky post. Also, I feel like I should be organized about something in my life, and the internet seems as good a place as any to start, so why not?

I can't guarantee that this page will be updated regularly.* I'll do my best, but I tend to be a very forgetful and disorganized person, so I make no promises. I am (usually) consistent with my tagging, however, so if I've missed listing something here, there's a good bet you'll find it in my tags. Whatever you find, I hope you enjoy it.

Comics: DCU & Related Movies

Fight Club


  • this is a love song in my own way -- Cobb, in the height of what Arthur mentally termed his Poetic Bullshit Phase, called their first album PASIV / agresiv, and no one cared enough to challenge him on it. [Or, the one where they're a really shitty pop-punk band and Arthur is a bit of a douche, as people in really shitty pop-punk bands tend to be.] [~6,400 words]
  • this room and this radio play -- After you’ve built the impossible, anything real seems easy enough. [Or, the one where Arthur has far too much to learn, and far too meddling and unsubtle a subconscious for any one person to bear.] [~8,440 words]
  • too much like the world we're stuck in -- The first thing Eames does when he wakes up on the shore of Limbo is squint a bit at the crumbling city skyline. [Or, the one where Arthur and Eames go to Limbo and Grow as People.] [~4,375 words]

Other (pairing identified separately)


  • Auspicious Symbols All -- Six months after he is crowned, Arthur leaves Camelot. [~2,400 words]
  • everything that hurts too much to say -- Arthur never asks for this, but that's only because he doesn't quite know how. [~630 words]
  • Fall for Chains of Gold -- The table is beautiful, an unbroken curve in elegant black onyx. [~1,080 words]
  • More Perfect Than a Xerox Copy -- Arthur’s official role at Dunder Mifflin is Assistant Regional Manager, something Morgana teases him about endlessly. [~1,350 words of The Office (US)!AU]
  • My Clothes Scattered -- This morning, when Merlin finally drags herself out of bed and their tent, Arthur almost chokes on the bite of bread he’d been chewing. [~2,750 words of shameless genderswap (always-a-girl!Merlin/Arthur) PWP]
  • my favourite one-man show -- Arthur thinks his father has the wrong idea about change. [~1,260 words]
  • Slashing with Dragons -- In which Morgana treats an injury and puts a quest back in motion. [~1,570 words of Enchanted Forest Chronicles!AU]
  • Under the Wild Oak -- In which Merlin searches for a solution and instead finds a way to reconcile the difference between what he wants and what he gets. [~29,500 words of The Fountain!AU written for reel_merlin. Link goes to masterlist, with further links to all parts available on that page.]
  • Untitled (1) -- Merlin's kisses never quite taste the same. [~840 words]
  • Untitled summerpornathon entries -- Part One || Part Two [all between 500 and 800 words each]
  • you've got a one-track mind like me -- For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love. Or, four discoveries that shattered Merlin’s world and one that didn’t, not really, when he thought about it. [~3,230 words]

Other (pairing identified separately)

The Squire's Tale series (Morris)

Star Trek (Reboot) [All fics are Kirk/Spock unless otherwise noted]
  • don't last like the feeling -- If her suspicions are correct, she's finding that she's losing Spock to Jim Kirk. [~2,620 words; also Spock/Uhura]
  • Medical Observation -- The medical bay on the Enterprise is, like the rest of the ship, state-of-the-art. [~1,540 words]
  • Nature, Structure, Variation Of -- It is only logical, Spock presumes, that Kirk’s lack of control in standard ship operations and general daily routine would extend to his sex life. [~1,500 words]
  • our shoes make hard noises in this place -- When Winona's phone rings, it makes her head throb. [~1,410 words of gapfiller; gen, with implied George/Winona]
  • Paradoxical -- Tonight, though -- tonight, it's not necessarily different. [~800 words]
  • Where There Are No Phones -- The doctors can’t tell him much. [~9,530 words]

*Last updated 2 February 2011.
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